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Bone and Joint Awareness Week

19th Oct 2022

Bones and joints are often neglected, but not investing on maintaining their health could lead to chronic pains as we mature. #GetWellStayWell …

World Mental Health Day

10th Oct 2022

Break the stigma. Mental health is as vital as physical health. Take a pause, reset. Reach out, voice out.#WorldMentalHealthDay2022 #GetWellStayWell …

World Rabies Day

28th Sep 2022

The Philippines’ incidence of rabies remains high despite efforts of the government to keep the number down by actively campaigning for pet vaccination. The World Rabies Day aims to educate people about rabies, prevention, and treatment.  As per health officers, 99% of all rabies transmissions to humans are from dogs hence the call for pet owners to be responsible and vaccinate their pets. Here are four simple ways to prevent the spread of rabies in your body.  Rabies is a vaccine preventable viral disease, yet more than 59,000 people die from this disease an …
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